OSK Clean

Size: 200ml

Price: Please call the clinic. Skin consultation is required before purchase.

Description: Tebiskin® OSK-Clean is an exfoliating cleanser for acne and oily prone skin. Tebiskin® OSK-Clean is based on the combined action of Triethyl Citrate and Pyruvic acid, able to counteract oily skin prone to acne. The cleanser exerts for a profound and effective cleansing. Pyruvic acid has a sebostatic(oil slowing)effect, and Triethyl Citrate can resist bacterial colonisation of the hair follicle duct. Tebiskin® OSK-Clean is suitable for cleansing the skin in all medical-aesthetic procedures where surface sebum reduction is desired prior to the procedure or when treating oily skin prone to acne. The product is suitable for the face, chest and back  and suitable for cleansing in all medical procedures where by oily skin needs to be reduced.

Instructions: Dispense one or two pumps and apply as a normal liquid cleanser. Allow the cleanser to act for a minute, then rinse off thoroughly with water. Cleansing is recommended in the evening, however apply as your skin specialist advises you to.

Ingredients: Triethyl Citrate, Pyruvic Acid

Precaution for use: Wash hands after application to avoid direct contact with eyes and mucous membranes, if necessary, rinse with plenty of water. If irritation persists please seek medical advice Keep out of the reach of children.

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